About Us

We are a group of people who want to make things easier for our fellow muslims

We make decisions based on 20 years’ experience of serving pilgrims. We’re constantly working to improve our service by investing in the latest technology and continuing to educate our clients. We love what we do. It makes our work enjoyable and servicing clients a lot of fun. We are independently owned and operated. Peace of mind that a knowledgeable, caring team is working hard for you.


Competitive Prices Guaranteed

We in Labbaika.com aim to make travelling more affordable, which can be seen in the vast range of the ready-made packages, hotels, flights, and car rental services available on our platform. We guarantee the competitiveness of our rates.

One Stop Shop

All travel-related services can be found on our platform, including never-ending options for flight bookings, accommodation services, and car rental as well as a variety of travel packages.

Secured Payment Gateway

Payment on Labbaika.com is processed through a PCI (Payment Card Industry) certified party. All information is saved on a secure server, and is protected by a firewall. As added protection, the firewall is monitored for security breach attempts.

24/7 Support

We offer worldwide customer service, and we are there to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customer support team will promptly respond to any of your enquiries.

No Cancellation Fees

We do not charge any additional fees in case of the cancellation of any service; the cancellation fees applied (if any) are fees set out by the supplier(s).

Our Core Methodology

Integrity, in-depth expertise, commitment, satisfying the wide-ranged customer needs, attention to details, and creativity; these are the traits that drive us forward.

Suggested points

  • We make decisions based on 20 years of experience in serving pilgrims.
  • We’re constantly working on improving our service by investing in the latest technology.
  • We love what we do. It makes our work enjoyable and servicing clients a lot of fun.
  • Peace of mind that a knowledgeable, caring team is working hard for you.

At Labbaika.com, we don’t hold promises we can’t keep. We are committed to providing every client with personalized care and service proven knowledge of the industry and a forward-thinking collection of travel services that are available on our platform.

Since the beginning, we had a vision to realize holidays that mirror the dreams of our clients. To highlight the finer sides of life, and to guarantee all-round or (impeccable) quality in every trip. From exclusive and luxurious, to relaxed and chic; from safaris to cruises and beyond, our top travel consultants draw bridges to select destinations across the globe.

Almost 20 years ago, we started with a passionate group of professionals in Amman, who all shared the love of voyaging, discovery, and cultures. Over the years, their commitment has helped escalate our tremendous growth, and steered us towards a number of international expansions in the pipeline.

Our long, proven experience has organically expanded to the progressive online market, where we offer our own spin on sophisticated, smart travel solutions, catered for the refined profile of today’s globalized traveler.

While travel trends evolve and so do we, our principle pillar remains the same: we appreciate the travel-in all forms- is a very personal, particular experience, which commands careful listening and tailored planning on our behalf, every single time.

With such class of devotion to detail-oriented services, we ultimately attained valuable, lasting bonds with loyal clients, and a notable market status which we never take for granted. Instead, every day we endeavor further, to enrich the industry, and to inspire new travel dimensions.

Welcome to Labbaika.com. Enjoy the journey.

Chairman & CEO Founder