Cities Guide

Good to know information about the cities of Saudi Arabia
Time Zone

All Kingdom is located in one time zone, which is GMT plus three hours.


Weather conditions in Saudi Arabia can vary dramatically from one region to the next. The Rub Al-Khali ("Empty Quarter") is characterized by extremely hot and dry conditions, while the verdant Asir highlands just nearby, are relatively cold and moist.
Oftentimes in many regions of the Kingdom, the difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures can exceed 50 degrees (F) during summer. In winter, overnight low temperatures approach the freezing mark at areas with higher elevations

Currency/Exchange Rate

The Saudi currency is the Saudi Riyal (SR) with the exchange rate set at approximately 3.75 Saudi Riyals (SR) for U.S. dollar. One Saudi Riyal is equivalent to 100 Halalas. Coins come in denominations of 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 Halalas.
The Saudi Riyal is fully convertible and there are no existing currency regulations or restrictions.

Business Hours

Government offices are open from 7:30 a.m. till 2:30 p.m.; private businesses from 8:00 a.m. till noon, and from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.; general banking from 8:00 a.m. till noon and from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m; markets and shops are open till 9:00 p.m. Government offices and private businesses are closed Fridays and Saturdays.

The Calendar

Saudi Arabia follows the Islamic (Hijri) calendar, which is based upon the lunar cycles, and dates from the Prophet Muhammad’s pilgrimage from Makkah to Madinah.
The Islamic year (AH) averages 354 days recedes by about 11 days a year against the Gregorian calendar. The first day of the Hijri calendar is 1 Muharram.


Several items are not allowed to be brought into the Kingdom due to local regulations. These include alcoholic beverages, pork and pork products, prohibited drugs and narcotics, firearms, explosives, edged weapons and ammunition, and pornographic materials.
Prescription drugs must be documented.
Having psychotropic substances, when entering Saudi Arabia, is considered illegal unless it is authorized by a governmental entity.
Regarding the great importance of the two holiest cities in Saudi Arabia (Makkah and Madinah), it is not allowed for non-Muslims to enter these cities.


King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA) is an aviation facility located 19 km to the north of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Named after King Abdulaziz Al Saud, the airport is Saudi Arabia's third largest air facility.

The airport occupies an area of 15 square kilometers. This includes besides the airport proper along with a royal terminal, facilities of the Royal Saudi Air Force and housing facilities for the airport staff.


Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport is a regional airport located in the western Saudi city of Medina. Opened in 1974, it handles mostly domestic flights, although it has limited scheduled international services to regional destinations such as Cairo, Damascus, and Istanbul. It also handles charter international flights during the Hajj season.


King Khalid International Airport is located 35 kilometers (22 mi) north of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, designed by the architectural firm of Hellmuth, Obata, and Kassabaum. it was inaugurated under the auspices of the Custodian of the Two Holy Sanctuaries, King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, on 12 Safar 1404 A.H. corresponding to 26 November 1983 A.D.

The airport occupies an approximate area of 225 square kilometers and includes the terminals, mosque, the control tower, and the aviation square featuring two parallel runways with length of 4,200 meters (13,800 ft) each, the royal pavilion, the air cargo building, the post office, the private aviation building, in addition to land passages, aircrafts parking spaces, and shopping center.

The airport is the gateway to the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it is the national air transport center. It has been constructed to meet the increasing international and local air transport requirements for Riyadh region.


  • Ja'afaria market
    Al Masjid Al Haram Rd, Al Jummayzah, Makkah.

    It is one of the biggest and most important international markets in Makkah specializing in selling a wide range of products, and is located near the Meccan Haram, which attracts millions of pilgrims every year who make sure to shop in this historical market hosting thousands of shops to buy gifts from, for their beloved ones.

  • Al Diyafa Mall
    Al Hujoon St, Az Zahir, Makkah.

    It is an integrated mall located in Makkah, with a modern and excellent design featuring international and local shops, children toys shops and restaurants, as well as a hypermarket and many sessions divided between family, youth, and women dedicated sessions.

  • Abraj Al Bait Mall (Kingdom Clock Tower)
    First Ring Rd, Al Hajlah, Makkah.

    Abraj Al Bait Shopping Mall is located in Abraj Al Bait in front of the Holy Haram in Makkah, which is reputed to be one of the tallest global buildings, featuring six residential areas and hotels. It is the largest shopping center in Makkah, embracing a wonderful interior design of multiple floors, making the movement easy, and accommodating more than 250,000 shoppers a day. Abraj Al Bait Shopping Mall hosts the most famous shops that offer hajj accessories and gifts of the most famous perfumes, prayer beads and rugs to visitors, pilgrims, and Umrah performers, as it contains nearly 4,000 shops offering international and local brands, in addition to many restaurants set in a dedicated area that can accommodate more than five thousand and five hundred guests to enjoy international cuisine including Middle Eastern and Russian, served in a fascinating atmosphere. You can really enjoy a unique shopping experience in Abraj Al Bait Shopping Mall.

  • Aziziah Center
    Al Masjid Al Haram Rd, Al Jamiah, Makkah

    Aziziah center is very adequate for those who have a middle-levelled income, hosting many big commercial centers and branches of the most famous companies which are specialized in selling household and electric tools, in addition to gold, textiles, clothes, accessories, perfumes, makeup, jewelry shops and much more with affordable prices for both residents and pilgrims. Aziziah Center also includes many restaurants, so you can certainly have an integrated experience of shopping, fun, and tasting the most delicious of Arabic dishes.

  • Central Market Alotaibih
    Al Andalus, Makkah

    Shop in one of the oldest traditional and active markets in Makkah, where you can feel a sweet whiff of the past and immortal memories. Alotaibiah market still holds its status as one of the cheapest markets in Makkah and is located in Al Hajon street about 3 kilometers from the Haram, on a 2 million meter land. Alotaibih Market hosts a large number of different shops; about 2000 shop, specializing in women clothes, abayas, wedding dresses, household and kitchen tools, perfumes, musk and incense, textiles, watches, bags, shoes, and all family needs and Hajj gifts, in addition to gold and rare textiles shops which have unique hand-made ornaments and special designs you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Makkah Mall
    King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Rd, Mecca.

    Makkah Mall has an extensive range of retail outlets, including designer, luxury and, local brands, in addition to entertaining facilities for kids and adults. Makkah mall is located about 12 kilometers from Al Haram, and opens daily from 9:30 A.M to 10:00 P.M.

  • Al siteen market
    6797 Ibrahim Al Khalil, Mecca.

    Enjoy buying the best quality of textiles, leather, and fabrics in one of the best and most famous markets of old Makkah. Al Siteen Market is considered a unique commercial front for pilgrims and locals alike, located in the main right entrance of Makkah, hosting many electric, perfumes, and household tools shops, at very cheap prices.

  • Al Hijaz Mall
    Jeddah Expressway Road Nayomi, Mecca.

    A very special and organized shopping place consisting of three floors of modern design, making your shopping experience very smooth and easy. The second floor of Al Hijaz Mall features children toys shops and a family restaurant, while clothes, international brands, gold, dresses, and makeup shops are located on the ground floor. In the first floor there are a few clothes shops and Jareer Library; one of the biggest libraries in the western area.

  • Bin Dawood
    Al Masjid Al Haram Rd, Makkah.

    While there is plenty of shopping options offered in the streets and markets, there is also a shopping complex that offers a diverse selection of goods. The Bin Dawood Shopping Complex is only a few minutes walk from the main gate of the Holy Haram. Bin Dawood Shopping Center is housed within the Hilton Hotel grounds along the first floor. Visitors will enjoy that they will be able to buy nearly whatever they want there, particularly things that are not sold in the outer markets. You can buy everything from dates to sportswear, expensive swiss watches, and KFC; the selection is quite different from other parts of the city, where it also houses a dozen eateries and tons of different specialty shops. There is even an auction house in the complex.


  • Heraa International Mall
    Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah Rd, Al Naeem, Jeddah.

    Heraa International Mall is one of the most important shopping centers in Jeddah, providing a world of shopping, entertainment, and public services. It has more than 350 world-class specialty stores, where visitors can shop from most important international brands gathered under one roof. In addition to that, Heraa Shopping Mall also has the most modern hypermarket in the Kingdom; Manuel hypermarket.

  • Stars Avenue Mall
    King Abdul Aziz Rd, Al-Zahra'a, Jeddah.

    Some of the shops at Stars Avenue Mall include Jimmy Choo, Lush, and Mamas & Papas which you won’t find anywhere else in Jeddah. The top floor of the mall has many designer abaya boutiques, as well as various restaurants. The nice and unique mix of shopping possibilities at Stars Avenue Mall makes it one of the most popular shopping destinations in Jeddah.

  • South Mall
    8126 Zaynal, Ghulail, Jeddah.

    Designed and built to perfection with a reputation of “the one for all”. South Mall simply boasts the right atmosphere for shopping, dining, and family entertainment.

  • Serafi Mega Mall
    Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz St, Al Faisaliyyah, Jeddah.

    Serafi Mega Mall is a large shopping mall, consisting of four floors and more than 200 shops and exhibitions. The mall also includes a great variety of local and international brands, offering its customers several options of men, women, and children clothing, jewelry, watches, shoes, makeup, perfumes, and accessories. Serafi Mega Mall also houses a dedicated area for restaurants offering tantalizing meals, as well as a dedicated area for entertainment, featuring the three-dimensional theater, video games, a closed skiing arena, and a lot of fun games such as car racing, bowling, and billiards.

  • Roshan Mall
    Assalam St, Al Murjan, Jeddah.

    The name of Roshan Mall was inspired by the Saudi architectural art heritage, as it boasts a selection of the finest international and local brands, as well as the world's best restaurants all under one roof in the most prestigious area of Jeddah. The Mall was established according to the latest construction methods, after it was mixed with the old designs of Dormers art, mainly to highlight the magnificence of this original art.

  • Red Sea Mall
    Malik Road, Jeddah

    Red Sea Mall is listed among the biggest shopping centers in Jeddah, containing a five-star hotel and a seven-story office building, with both external and undercover parking areas with 18 entrances. Red Sea Mall has a mix of international and local brands; the play land for kids is excellent with lots of rides catering to children of all ages, in addition to a good variety of restaurants, cafés, and diners existing at the mall.

  • Mall of Arabia
    Madinah Road, Jeddah.

    Mall of Arabia is one of the main and largest malls in Jeddah, boasting a variety of restaurants along with a buzzing food court which reflects a wide selection of cuisines. There is also a special entertainment area for children, offering a lot of rides for kids of all ages. A worth mentioning information, is that Mall of Arabia is a very easy mall to shop in, with a very good layout that is not confusing or overwhelming, and most importantly, it has all the main brands you would look for, yet not the luxurious ones.

  • Gabel Street Souq
    Balad, Jeddah.

    The bustling Balad marketplace is specialized in selling electronics, perfumes, spices, dates, honey, and household items. This street has been the heart of Jeddah for over 50 years, while now, you can see old buildings and knick-knacks shops for normal and traditional Saudi dresses, and gold among many other interesting stuff.

  • Al Salam Mall
    Intersection of Prince Majed Road and King Abullah Road - As Sulaymania district, Jeddah.

    Al Salam Mall is located in one of the most active regions in Jeddah and is surrounded by big investment institution and commercial buildings. The mall itself also has a very energetic ambience of its own, as it’s creatively designed with lively colors. Al Salam Mall provides its customers with everything they need, whether it’s entertainment, or shopping, or other facilities, along with an atmosphere that is perfect for all family members of all ages.

  • Aziz Mall
    Prince Majid, Al Faisaliyah District, Jeddah.

    Aziz Mall is one of the most popular malls in Jeddah, as it is always crowded on weekdays and weekends alike. the mall encompasses a huge collection of stores, so you are bound to buy something every time you go there. Children are not left behind as well, where they will enjoy playing at BillyBeez; a large and safe indoor playground.

  • haifaa Mall
    Madina Palestine Roads Intersection, Jeddah.

    Even though Haifaa mall may not be very large, but it is definitely one of the best malls in Jeddah. It houses many world-famous brands like F&F, Bershka, and Mango among others, as well as the special addition of ICONIC store. The lack of a supermarket at Haifaa Mall does not seem to affect its popularity, while featuring a Billy Beez makes the mall a very family friendly destination.

  • Alandalus Mall
    Prince Majid Rd, Jeddah.

    Al Andalus Mall is one of the most important shopping centers and a major landmark in Jeddah. Embracing a unique structure, the mall provides different options of activities, high-quality services, and several world-renowned brands that cover all the needs and requirements of modern customers. Every year, 11 million visitors come to the mall, which consists of over 360 showrooms, and 300 parking lots, making the mall an entire world.

  • Jeddah International Market
    Al Medina Road, Jeddah.

    Jeddah International Market is an upscale shopping center at the heart of the city, bringing together some of the world's most recognizable products and brands, and combining them with local stores. Anchored by Sarawat Superstore, the shopping center is a haven for picking up all kinds of bargains as it caters to most budgets.

  • Le Chateau Mall
    Al Andalus, Jeddah.

    Inspired by elaborate European architecture, Le Chateau lands on the list of the most picturesque shopping destinations in Jeddah. Unlike typical shopping centers, the open space with wide passageways of Le Chateau Mall hosts almost everything, from local concept stores like Libra, to the highly recommended Oriana nail salon. Le Chateau is also known for its fashion offerings, which includes wedding and cocktail dresses specialist, Pronovias, and the very first Rubaiyat Kids Store. Arguably, the mall’s main attraction is Piatto; a restaurant located in a sunken courtyard, serving Italian favorites like ‘Pesto Rigatoni’ and ‘Wild Mushroom Gnocchi’.

  • Boulevard
    King Abdulaziz Branch Road, Al Shati

    Boulevard is the new luxury destination in the heart of Jeddah city, encompassing luxurious brand shops wrapped with a relaxed environment, which will encourage you to stroll from one store to another. Inspired by light and nature, the outdoor space hosts more than 36 brands in a sleek and stylish arrangement and surrounding.

  • Al Khayat Center
    Tahlia Street, Jeddah Western Province.

    Al Khayat Center is where to go when seeking luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, or Dior among other names, as it is one of the very first malls to host such glamorous brands in Jeddah. In addition to the amazing selection of brands and shops, the mall also features two onsite salons, and the ground floor is dedicated for shopping, while the upper floor is dedicated for offices.

  • Ana Special Mall
    Prince Sultan Road, AR Rawdah District, Jeddah.

    This mall lives up to its name, as it is not only known for its spectacular décor, but also for encompassing very unique, local brand stores. On the other hand, boutiques existing at Ana Special Mall include Fash Flare, Sotra Boutique, and Hatoon Box. Topping both kinds of shops, the mall also features Glow Café, and Shababeek Restaurant, both with delicious dishes and drinks. To keep the traditions alive, the mall also houses Hal Al-Kaif café for amazing gahwa with hail (Coffee with cardamom).

    Ar Rawdah, Jeddah.

    Tahlia Shopping Center is situated on Tahlia Street; the most well-known street in Jeddah. It’s considered a modest mall of three stories but has most of the stores you may be looking for. Tahlia Center is the perfect mall to shop for beauty cosmetics, for encompassing brands like Paris Gallery, Sephora, The Body Shop, Victoria’s Secret, Mikyajy, MAC, Makeup Forever, and Boots Beauty which are literally a few minutes’ walk apart from each other, if not less. Tahlia Mall also houses designer abaya shops, jewelry stores, and lots of watches shops like Rolex, in addition to a full range of fast-food restaurants in the onsite food court.


  • Al Madinah International Mall
    Abu Bakr Al Siddiq, Ar Rayah, Medina.

    A very distinguished international market, and one of the finest in the city of Madinah, located close to the Holy Prophet’s Mosque, on the Abu Bakr Street. An advantage of the market is its internal aesthetic touch, giving the visitors a sense of taste, beauty, and exquisite shopping experience. Al Madinah boasts an integrated shopping mix that meets all the needs and tastes, as well as an extensive parking facility for the convenience of the shoppers.

  • Aliat Mall
    Al Hadiqah Road, Nayom, Medina.

    It is a new addition to the modern buildings in the city of Madinah, with a stunning architecture, marvelous design, and its great location near the Prophet’s Mosque. Since its initial inception back in 2007, Aliat Mall witnessed high demand, and has become a popular destination for Umrah performers and pilgrims visiting Madinah, as well as its residents, as it was the first to introduce them to uniqueness and world class brands.

  • Mazaya Mall
    Al Masani, Medina.

    As one of the best shopping centers in Al Madinah, Mazaya Mall is located on King Fahid Road, northern Al Masjid An-Nabawi, and is considered one of the integral commercial centers in the city. The mall consists of two floors, covering all family needs from clothes, to shoes, and household tools.

  • Quba City Market
    Al Hijrah Rd, Al Khatim, Medina.

    Quba City Market is considered one of the best, most popular markets of affordable prices in Al Madinah. It is located near the Holy Prophet’s mosque to the north and expands over two facing roads; one of the roads reaches up to Qubaa Mosque, while the other reaches down to Al Masjid An-Nabawi, which explains them being the most crowded streets in Al Madinah. The market consists of many shops of cheap prices where you can find abayas, clothes, jewelry, gold, perfumes, accessories, shoes, household tools, incense, and textiles among much more.

  • Masjid Bilal Shopping Center
    Qurban, Medina.

    Masjid Bilal Shopping Center is one of the most recently built markets in Madinah but has gained a big fame very quickly. It is situated southern the Holy Prophet’s Mosque, at a distance of 600 meters from Al Masjid An-Nabawi. Consisting of three stories, Bilal Mosque is located on the top of the building, which was named after Bilal (May God Be Pleased with Him). The many shops of Masjid Bilal Shopping Center offer a wide range of products ranging from clothes, watches, textiles, jewelry, and home appliances, to abaya, and gold stores.

  • Al Noor Mall
    King Abdullah Branch Rd, Medina.

    With a vibrant and creative design creating a magnificent atmosphere, Al Noor Mall provides all a visitor might need, including leisure and shopping facilities, which makes an ideal environment for the entire family.

  • Al Rashid Mega Mall
    King Abdullah Branch Rd, Shadhah, Medina.

    Al Rashid Mega Mall is one of the largest and most modern shopping malls in Madinah, located on the ring road, and provided with excellent car parking, adds extra comfort to its atmosphere. The exquisitely shaped, modern exterior of Al Rashid Mega Mall grants it a unique character, featuring many world-known brands, in addition to distinct fast food restaurants.

  • Taiba Commercial Center
    King Fahd Rd, Badaah, Medina.

    At Taiba Commercial Center, customers can buy anything they need with affordable prices, along with the bright smiles of the generous and welcoming vendors, which the mall is known for.

  • Al Madinah Dates Shop
    Crowne Plaza, King Faisal Street, Al Haram، Bani Khidrah, Medina

    Al Madinah Dates Co. (Tomoor) is one of the leading Saudi companies specialized in manufacturing and exporting Saudi dates. Engaged in popularizing the dates of Saudi Arabia, Al Madinah Dates Co. is located at the out skirts of Al Madinah Al Munawarah, covering an area of 42,000 Sq.m, divided into production area, cold stores, housing for the stuff, labs, and workshops for maintenance among other different section.

  • Top Center (Al Qimma center)
    Ad Duwaimah, Prince Abdulmajeed Road, Al Jumuah، Medina

    Conveniently located very close to Holy Prophet’s Mosque (Al Masjid An-Nabawi), in the middle of Qubaa street, Top Center, or so called, Al Qimma Center, is the most famous shopping centers in Al Madinah, among its citizens and tourists alike. The mall consists of two stories housing shops for clothes of all ages and genders, shoes, bags, makeup, perfumes, gifts, furniture, dresses, and abayas of beautiful designs, all best quality and cheap prices.